Figlio celebrates 25 years!

The Design Collective Shareholders were  recently treated to a special dinner hosted by Figlio owners Peter and Lori Danis at their original Grandview Avenue location. The reason for the celebration was to acknowledge twenty five years of serving quality wood-fired pizza, pasta and salads.

“I thought it would be fun to start our year of celebration by  hosting Design Collective, and recognize their contribution to our success. After all, the first check we wrote for the restaurant was written to DCI!" (for $500.00) said Peter as part of the festivities.

With only a few minor “refreshes”, the restaurant remains essentially the same as it was 25 years ago, reflecting the quality and classic nature of the architecture. The signature “rose wall” continues to represent  the handcrafted nature of the food served at Figlio.

Peter also stated that he counts his project as the first restaurant that Design Collective designed.   We have been fortunate to design three additional restaurants with Peter and Lori: two in Columbus and one in Dayton, OH.   With now over 200 restaurant projects in our portfolio, we remain proud to have had a part in the growth of the Figlio brand.

From all of us at Design Collective, we thank Lori and Peter for the years of friendship and collaboration. Here is hoping for twenty-five more!!

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