Ambius Installs Green Wall in DCI's Studio

For years, there has been very little new in the way of how plant material has been integrated into office interiors. Basically, tropical plants have been either placed in a pot or recessed into a planter bed. 

DCI's studio has a new green wall system that allows individual plant materials to be hung within a dimensional "frame" that doubles as the water reservoir. The name for this new system is LivePicture® and we are one of the first installations in downtown Columbus. The "living art" frames are affectionately named after two Dutch masters Rembrandt, RemPlant and Van Gogh, VanGrow.

Thanks to Monica Garrison, of Ambius, DCI is testing a combination of "Compact Janet Craigs" and "Peperomia caperatas". During the holiday season some of the individual units will be replaced with seasonal items like miniature poinsettias or bromelias, which will add color and textural variety. 

The planter frames, which hold up to six weeks of water, come in two sizes and three finishes. The "wick", from each of the eighteen pots, provides the correct moisture for the plant material. This system can be arranged into many combinations and would be ideal for lobbies, lunch rooms and cafes, and open office areas.

Design Collective thanks Monica and her team, for allowing DCI to "pioneer" this new method of bridging plants and art in the work environment. Stop in and visit our living art wall! 

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