10 Wilmington Place

Dayton, OH
40,000 sq ft

10 Wilmington Place hosts The Meadows, a senior-assisted-living dining facility. The original dining room was created from two senior-care apartments that were joined to become one room. DCI was brought in to help update the space with new furniture, finishes, and lighting.

One of the features that Design Collective Incorporated into the space was a nutrition bar, which provides healthy snacks available to residents in-between meals. This area, close to the Prep Kitchen, is also used during meals for residents who need additional staff support.

DCI also provided new graphics in the entry corridor, and new carpet in the entryway to help signify the change in the space. The newly renovated space has been well received by the residents and family members. DCI has also provided planning studies for modifying and updating areas like the new movie room, named "Cinema 10".