Level Dining Lounge

Columbus, OH
4,700 sq ft

A location that has seen several restaurants come and go over the last 20 years prompted a complete reorganization of the front of house at this 4,500 square foot, 2-story concept in the heart of Columbus’ arts district.  The new owners wanted to create a fun and lively atmosphere, so DCI decided to organize the space around a large segmented island bar, anchored at opposite corners by internally illuminated light towers.  This allowed for dividing the space into distinct dining & lounge zones, while maintaining the energy that a bar provides.  By opening up views into the kitchen, the chef-driven food concept was further emphasized.

An additional bar & VJ booth was added to the mezzanine which overlooks the first floor.  This allows the space to function as a lounge and for private parties or events.  Connecting the two stories is a staircase which winds around a ‘shower’ water feature.