Columbus, OH

Design Collective Incorporated's goal was to use GBQ's new offices to communicate the firm's unique culture and vision, in the form of branded messages. The branded messages help inform visitors, clients, and new recruits of the history and core initiatives of GBQ. Dimensional wall graphics, mesh dividers, and various forms of interior signage were used to achieve the results.

A back-lit interior logo was installed opposite of the elevators, on both floors, to serve as the main identification for visitors. Walking through the space employees and visitors will see digital images applied to mesh privacy dividers and dimensional graphics applied to walls. All of these elements combine to create a visual cohesiveness and establish the brand throughout the entire office space.

"I was especially surprised and pleased at some of the finer touches such as the memorial to our founding partners and the GBQ history wall." - Wade Kozich, CPA Managing Director, GBQ Partners LLC